Llama Tech was started by 4 co-founders working on their Software as a Service company in the restaurant space.  As a boot strapped company that raised money via angel funding and founders cash we built our product ourselves, 3 out of 4 of our cofounders were technical people.  As we grew the work for our product was outpacing the team, to fill in the slack and stay within our limited budget we decided to hire remote developers to help us continue building our product. In our process we went through the highs and lows of working with remote developers, but after a few tries we found the formula for success. We eventually grew the team to over 15 developers and reached an equilibrium of small, agile, and efficient.

Our core leadership team in tech resides in the United States, we built a satellite office in Quito Ecuador. Where we found a great mix of talent, work ethic, culture, and pricing.  As we continued building our company we shared our success with our friends and other startup founders. Scaling a tech company is very expensive and developers are one of the biggest positive investments you can make. With our experience going through scaling our tech team on a budget, we found a market need for tech talent for startups and established companies.

That’s when Llama Tech was born, we have focused on helping Startups grow through using a hybrid of American and Remote workers.  With our expertise we help companies avoid all the pitfalls we experienced and can make hiring remote team members a smooth and painless process. We have even built tech teams for startups who have gone Series A & B funding. We love working with ambitious and smart companies and giving young startups the ability to succeed and pursue the american dream.