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Welcome to Hire Llama

We are disrupting the remote work space by providing a successful path to remote hiring in Latin America.

Why limit to the borders of your country when diversity, disruption and a better opportunity awaits.

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Who Are We

Our vision is to allow for each company and individual the opportunity to have a successful remote rollout in Latin America.

Our Mission

To create lasting relationships, ongoing communities, and well built infrastructures to support a remote workforce in Latin America

What We Do

We are disrupting HR recruiting by allowing companies to hire successfully in Latin America.

Our history

You can read more about how we grew our company and how it came about on our blog and Linkedin Pages. In 2014, we created an application, using remote software developers in Venezuela. We developed an infrastructure to handle remote work and in 2017 we decided to move operations to Ecuador, due to politics. What we found throughout our experiences was that there was a lot of talented people but companies hadn't explored it much yet. Also remote work while was traditionally outsourcing was becoming a new topic of opportunity for companies to expand. With our experience managing a remote team since 2014 we decided to give talented individuals an opportunity to work with companies we think are a good fit for them in the United States while working remotely. Since April of 2019 we have matched companies to talented people in Ecuador and we attribute our success to the dedication we give to ensuring a strong infrastructure is built, community is created, and stability achieved.

Our 6 step process of success



We take time finding talent that fits the needs of any business and we also find businesses that fit the talent that come to us.



We like to know more about each person that works with us. We need to get a full picture of whoever is going to be coming through our "doors".



A good hire is done by interviewing what type of job is needed by the company and what type of person can contribute to the company.



We work for both the company and talent to effectively find a good contract so that both parties are satisfied.



The first 3 months are crucial to a new hire. So we make sure that we are in constant contact with both the company and hiree.



After being hired we try to ensure a strong community of interaction occurs. We facilitate a way for remote hires to have a safe and fun environment to connect.

Why choose us?

Thorough Research

We make sure to get enough information about what the job should look like and who should be hired. We thoroughly vet the prospective individual to see if there is a potential fit in a company.

Ongoing Support

We are interested in the success of each company that works with us. We support each company through ongoing calls, updates, surveys and more.

Time Zone unmatched

Latin America is uniquely located in a time zone appropriate with the United States and Canada. Each remote worker is in a very fair time zone as any company in the Continental United States.

Untapped talent

We are looking to match talented people in Latin America to companies with the mindset to improve their company. We find incredibly talented and motivated people.

Diversity and Inclusion

By expanding operations to Latin America you are finding talented individuals with a different culture background and abilities that will greatly improve your existing team. D&I is important to the success of any company.

Experienced Professionals

We are a team of remote workers. We know how to build and lead a team remotely in Latin America. Each part of our company is remote and we bring this knowledge to you.

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