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Hire Llama specializes in sourcing the best in Mid & Senior Level Developers & Digital Customer Service Agents

Flexible & Effective

Remote Team Creation

The key to a successful remote team is to have them integrated into your infrastructure and communication. We find the right players to fit inside your team that align with your company vision and culture.

Fast & Efficient

Future of Work

Work is no longer confined to the four corners of an office in a central location. With Hire Llama you now have the ability to expand your workforce to Ecuador and it will allow your company to improve.

Ground Breaking


We look at each company that we bring on as a long term partner. We are specialists in recruiting remote talent and keeping them with companies for the long term.

Remote hiring done well

Why Hire Llama?

Building a technical solution with a remote team can costing significantly if not properly handled. Remote working requires a good training foundation,  project plan, and communication to succeed. The talent we recruit for you are seasoned employees from technical companies, have high degrees of education and have worked with Western Companies. Our solution helps you start your project on the ground running and removes obstacles that are time-consuming and expensive.

  1. Extensive emotional, personality, and cultural tests to find the right employees 
  2. Transparent pricing - You negotiate their salary and we do the rest. 
  3. Maintain a work-life balance with your team(Same time-zone)
  4. Develop and maintain your product with highly qualified people

We create remote digital teams

Find Digital Talent Overseas

Remote team are great for companies that are flexible, want to give the employees some freedom as well as keep costs down. A remote team keeps your team happier, more connected and more work will get done.

A remote team will mean you won’t have to have a central office for everyone. With the right infrastructure you will be able to manage and employ anyone.

Get your business started remotely

Get talented developers to manage your product easily and quickly. We take the problem of finding the people away and present to you talented developers easily and let you manage them through slack, discord, zoom or whatever platform you want.

There are no traffic jams the extra mile

This is the spot to learn how to build apps. You’ll learn the language, tools, and necessary concepts to get your app out the door.

Characteristics Of Success

High-fidelity wireframes are often used for documenting because they incorporate a level of detail that more closely matches the design of the actual webpage, thus taking longer